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Introducing The Red Original Pro Change Robe EVO

Posted by Jasmine Butler

Introducing the Pro Change Robe EVO. A master in its class in both form and function, with lots of new features and colours to look out for.

At Red, we like to continually refine, improve, and evolve our products. We call it disruptive redesign - where we improve quality, experience and performance based not only on our market leading expertise but customer insight too. As people’s usage habits evolve, we challenge ourselves to make our range even more user-friendly and at the cutting edge of the changing robe category.

Being changing experts, we’ve ripped up the style rule book on changing robes that have been around for years, and refined every detail making Pro Change EVO the cutting edge of its category and, unquestionably the best robe on the market in terms of quality, features, and usability.