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Your Original Adventure - Going Beyond The Doorstep

Posted by Ross Montandon

Amongst the many lessons we have learnt over the past year, the importance of creating adventure in our everyday life has never been more relevant. We’re used to adventures developing into these big epic excursions with all the hallmarks of our vision of a ‘good old-fashioned adventure. For those of us raised on a healthy appetite of national geographic and outside magazine- this is certainly the case.

The parameters for adventure involved bold actions such as risk, the unknown, suffering, environmental factors and perhaps a little bit of stupidity, not always in equal measure. It's easy to believe that to be 'adventurous' an activity had to be challenging, unknown and something that others were not doing. With the struggles presented to us in 2020 however, this proved pretty hard to do. Although difficult, it wasn't impossible, proven through the many great inspiring stories of unique people, challenging themselves to push the boundaries of the term adventure.