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Red Original’s Top 6 Surfing Accessories For Summer 2021

Posted by Ed Alem

Summer is officially in full swing... hoorah! That means more time spent at the beach catching those waves. If you’re a keen surfer you’ll know the importance of having the right kit to support your adventures. In order to assist performance and make your next surfing trip run a whole lot more smoothly, Red Original has created a range of surfing accessories designed to suit professional and amateur surfers alike. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite surfing accessories from this year’s collection...

Vacuum Insulated Travel Cup With Lid

There’s nothing like warming up quickly with a hot drink when you come out of the water. Designed to travel with you on your surfing adventures, the Red Original insulated travel cup features an anti-spill lid with mouthpiece and straw hole for drinking on the go. One of our most recommended surfing accessories, this travel cup is made from 316L marine grade stainless steel meaning it won’t corrode in saltwater when you’re enjoying a drink fresh out of the sea. Capable of keeping drinks warm for 4 hours or cold for 8, the travel cup is a more practical and sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups. Although it is one of our favourite surfing accessories, the travel cup is a versatile product ideally suited for both outdoor adventures and the daily commute to work.