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The Time is Now - Bike Packing on the Isle of Wight

Posted by Luke Green

Jay and Bethany wanted to see what adventures they could have closer to home. We caught up with them after a recent bike packing adventure to see what they found straight out the front door.

Both Jay and I have always loved biking and in the last few years have mainly been riding on our road bikes around the Isle of Wight or mountain bikes in the forest and across the downs. We love camping and adventures and therefore loved the idea of being able to strap everything we needed to our bikes and set off for more of a spontaneous cruise both on the roads and cutting off road along gravel tracks and through the forests.

In the past we have done a lot of camping adventures on our paddleboards both on the island and further afield but really liked the idea of doing it on our bikes too! The more we researched other people’s bikepacking adventures all over the world the more excited we became about the idea and started planning trips closer to home and dreaming of trips straight away! We decided for our first trip we would go on a mini adventure closer to home on the Isle of Wight and then work up to longer trips and bigger adventures! Bikepacking through Portugal being next on our list!