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Why Choose a Microfibre Towel?

Posted by Catherine Morris

If you are used to using cotton beach towels, you may never have thought about using a different type of towel. However, thanks to advances in fabric technology, microfibre towels have some clear advantages over their traditional cotton counterparts:

  • They absorb more water - so can dry you more effectively (and quicker). In fact, our towel absorbs four times more water than a standard towel, and yet is half the weight despite being the same size.
  • They dry faster – so you don’t have heavy soggy towels hanging around in the back of the car or on the washing line.
  • They take up less space & are lighter – so are much easier to pack either for adventures or family trips, as well as taking up less space in the washing machine.
  • They can be re-used multiple times- without odour or hygiene issues due to the anti-bacterial treatment.

How does Microfibre technology work?

Microfibre towelling has a greater number of fibres that are smaller in size than a cotton towel. That means the fibres can absorb and release water easier than conventional towels – think of the saying ‘Many hands make light work’ – meaning they not only absorb more water but also dry quicker too.

The Advantages of Microfibre Travel Towels

Because of its compact size and quick drying properties, our microfibre towel can make all the difference when used in lots of different ways. Not only does it make the perfect beach towel, but camping trips, swimming lessons, and packing for holidays are just some of the multitude of uses where you will really notice the difference, by not being lumbered down with heavy, soggy towels which take an age to dry.

However, all that being said, when we began the process of creating our microfibre towel we were conscious that they sometimes come in for some criticism. So we chose to address each of these common complaints as design the ultimate microfibre towel:

“They aren’t cosy like cotton beach towels”.

Solution: We didn’t rest until we had created the perfect feel of towel. Our towel is brushed so it feels soft and plush, it is also a high-quality weight that is thicker than most, so you will still be able to snuggle up in it.

“They cling to your skin”.

Solution: Poor quality microfibre can feel clingy and ‘squeaky’ or scratchy. That couldn’t be further from the case with our towel – we conducted numerous blind ‘touch tests’ to find the perfect feel. When drying off our towel glides over your skin smoothly.

“They are too small to cover you properly”.

Solution: We couldn’t agree more, if you still want it to act like a towel you can change under or sit on, you need it to be beach towel size - so that is exactly what we did! It still packs down to a super compact size so will save you space and weight.

But don’t just take our word for it- Give our microfibre towel a try and see if you are converted like we are!