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What Is Rucking & What Are The Health Benefits?

Posted by Luke Green

Getting outdoors and trying new activities is something we love to do here at Red Original. One activity that is new on our radar is rucking. Now, you may be wondering what is rucking? Well, let us explain… rucking is simply walking with weight in a large backpack. It requires strength and endurance, which makes it great cardio for those who hate cardio. If you want to burn up to 3 times as many calories as walking, ruck instead.

Anyone who has ever been in the military or done military fitness training will be familiar with rucking (also known as ‘Tabbing’ or ‘Yomping’), and what makes it perfect as an outdoor activity for adults is that it’s easy to do and easy to scale. The weight adds resistance training to your back and shoulders, your glutes and legs with every step - resulting in strength gains without the bulk. Want more? Up the weight, increase the distance, or go faster.